ОТА (Over The Air)

This is the type of firmware upgrade, in which files get to the device through the air, and not through a cable or computer.

MiuiPro provides OTA-updates by downloading the complete firmware package to the device through the air from its own servers. In connection with the limitation of the channel, the capacity of the server, the speed of the Internet, etc., OTA-updates have some limitations.

Information for users

For users who made voluntary donations for the development of the MiuiPro project, we provide the ability to download firmware files from the site miuipro.info for a certain period: with a contribution of 2$ - for a period of 1 month for every donated 2$, with a fee of 20$ - for a period of from 1 year and more. We call such users subscribers.

In addition, as a bonus, all subscribers are given the opportunity to update "by air" for one device for the subscription period. That is, anyone who has access to the section with files on the site miuipro.info, the option of OTA-updates will be activated automatically for the same period.


The main rule of using OTA-updates is the ban on transfer of downloaded firmware packages to third parties. Also, it is forbidden to load weekly packages of single firmware for different devices by one user.

In case of detection of facts of violation of the rules for using OTA-updates and downloading firmware from the site, access to MiuiPro resources for such a user will be closed forever.

Configuring the OTA-Update:

  1. 1. The nickname must be entered identical to your user name, taking into account the language, capital/small letter, characters.

  2. 2. You must be logged in to Mi-account on the device.

  3. 3. The input field MiuiID appears in the profile only after the subscription is activated.

  4. 4. Settings - Account - Mi-account